The Twa Dogs, Shuggie and Fin, welcome you to their web page containing details of our exciting CD of Burns songs.

This being our debut album, we thought we’d invite our owners, Sheila Hall and John Shirreffs, well known figures on the Burns Supper circuit, to join us. They in turn asked some of their extremely talented pals to pitch in, and the result, we hope you’ll agree, is a stunning addition to the available recordings of Burns songs.

The choice of songs reflects the huge diversity of the bard’s themes: from the restless agitation of first love, to the rancorous sparring of a couple whose marriage has turned sour; from the plight of the Virginia slave-girl forcibly uprooted from her native Senegal, to the heart-rending lament of the Highland widow whose husband fell on the blood-stained moor of Culloden.
All of human life is here, and sympathetic arrangements, responding to the diverse mood of the lyrics, allow the songs to speak as persuasively and eloquently to modern audiences as they undoubtedly did to Burns’s contemporaries.

P.S. If you want to hear our favourite bit you’ll have to wait to the VERY end of the VERY last song.
Happy listening!

Shugs & Fin